Tiny Payments are a Big Deal

And we want to explore, share, and enhance the possibilities.

Nanopayments change everything.

The full power of the internet has never been unleashed because payments less than a few dollars have never been possible.

Now they are.

With payments as low as one-thousandth of a penny, an entire world of applications opens up.

The instant transfer of value across the world in any denomination.

The marriage of individual bits of data with monetary value to any level of granularity.

Instant settlement with no third parties or delays; the ability to let users pay each other instead of paying an app that then transfers to users.

Streaming income; real-time earnings per second or minute instead of monthly chunks or complicated payroll and invoicing.

Instant payment splitting between hundreds of parties down to fractions of a percent; real-time revenue-sharing models for employees, contractors, investors, affiliates, and customers.

Value transfer for micro-actions to allow “just-enough” and “just-in-time” economic activity, instead of being limited to bulk purchases and too much guesswork about the future.

Consumer apps and games where every action, item, and achievement represents real economic exchange; bridging the gap between the unpaid user model and the large/corporate user model by allowing every user to have skin in the game for every action. Spamming and fake popularity become more costly, while quality even at the smallest level becomes better rewarded.

Business applications where costs are more tightly aligned with value; units priced and tracked down to fractions of a cent and seconds of time for less guesswork in accounting, inventory, supply-chain, budgeting, sales, and operations.

Individuals empowered to be more entrepreneurial; monetizing their content, data, labor, and activity across multiple domains. Multiple real-time income streams across their digital and physical universe.

There is no way to predict all the myriad ways nanopayments will change individual lives, commerce, culture, and the world, just as there was no way to predict how the internet would permeate every aspect of society. But a change this fundamental - extending money-priced value exchange down to the smallest level of commerce - will ripple through everything.

Markets are amazing discovery and delivery tools. They allow the fastest, most nimble and efficient discovery of value, and incentivize the most rapid delivery to the highest valued-use.

Until now, markets have been limited to exchanges of a few cents in the physical world, and several dollars in the digital world. This cuts off a massive range of economic activity from the power of markets and forces them into far less productive, fair, or useful non-market arena. This is especially detrimental to the digital world, where all other costs are near-zero.

When information costs are near zero but transaction costs are a minimum of several dollars, you end up with a massive range of digital activity at the lower end that is horribly inefficient, noisy, and unfairly dominated by a few large players.

Business models devolve into “free” platforms where users are the product and lose privacy and control, or premium products where only relatively large, high-valued activities make economic sense.

Nanopayments allow genuine markets to form for that vast range of activities that have economic value of just a few dollars, a few cents, or even a few fractions of a cent.

Builders and entrepreneurs are mostly unaware that nanopayments are possible, so most continue building old business models under old assumptions.

As more people begin to realize what is possible, new products and businesses will emerge. The race to discover the most groundbreaking applications of nanopayments has barely begun, but the early tinkerers will stumble on things that wake up the rest of the world.

Then exponential growth in nanopayment powered businesses will begin. Then the range of economic activity will extend to vast arenas previously out of reach. Then value will be more accurately exchanged, and every individual, no matter how small a player, will be able to capture the value they create. Then we experience a second digital revolution.

If you’re ready to start building this world, join us!